Denise Atkinson & Barbie Kjar

Duets – Pollinate Exhibition

Barbie Kjar worked with ten Printmaking students from UTAS to create an exhibition titled Duet. The idea was to create a portrait of each person based on the exquisite corpse. Barbie Kjar completed 20 prints, a portrait of each student as the first panel and an interpretation of garden corresponding to each person’s idea of garden as the third section. Each student completed 2 panels, the second referencing the chest and a fourth panel relating to feet. The exhibition was held at the Hobart Botanical Gardens Gallery in 2010.


Chunky Move Collaboration

Barbie Kjar’s collaboration with Chunky Move was based on their performance titled Mortal Engine, which was choreographed by Gideon Obarzanek. Barbie Kjar drew Chunky Move in rehearsal for their Mortal Engine performance for one week in their Melbourne based studio. Barbie Kjar developed these drawings into drypoints, which were exhibited in Australian Galleries (Melbourne) in 2009.

Click here to see Chunky Move Gallery.


Tas Dance Collaboration

The Director of Tas Dance, Annie Greig, invited Barbie Kjar to come into the dance studio in Launceston and to draw the dancers in rehearsal for a performance titled Cumulus, choreographed by Chrissie Parrott. Barbie Kjar’s images from this collaboration have been used by Tas Dance for their media launches and for a Tas Dance calendar and gift cards.  The images were also exhibited at Dick Bett Gallery in Hobart.

Click here to see Tas Dance Gallery.